Pool service in Walnut Creek CA

Pool Service Walnut Creek CA

Pool Service Walnut Creek CA offers swimming pool cleaning and monthly pool maintenance at EXTRA LOW PRICES! Hi, my name is John and I can save you as much as 50% on your regular monthly pool service guaranteed!

Call Us today and find out why 70% of Walnut Creek's pool owners use our pool service. Ask for John at 925-309-6135

pool cleaning and pool maintenance in Walnut Creek ca picPool service in Walnut Creek is a breeze when we show you some of our best kept secrets when cleaning your pool. We use green safe pool chemicals and chlorine to control algae among other pool maintenance chemicals.

Pool Cleaning Walnut Creek

We offer swimming pool cleaning and maintenance in Walnut Creek CA. We have in stock a complete selection of pool filters and the best swimming pool pumps to keep your pool cleaner longer with little to no downtime. To keep our fast service moving we stock pool heaters for in ground pools, above ground pools and gunite swimming pools.

Walnut Creek has some of the hottest summers in the Contra Costa County area, while summer daytime temperatures average in the high 80s. 100 degree weather occurs numerous times during summer heat waves.

This area of the east bay is also one of the most affluent per household than any of the surrounding city's and therefore has many amenities such as a pool. This is where our fantastic pool service is needed the most.

Pool Repair Service in Walnut Creek

Our pool repair service is second to none. We can repair most pool equipment such as pool pumps at reduced prices. Also try our spa repair service which includes products from:

  1. Balboa
  2. Sundance
  3. Jacuzzi
  4. Heaters
  5. Jets

Swimming Pool Contractor

Their are only a handful of competent pool contractors in Walnut Creek that offer complete pol services and we are offering all of these below:

  1. Pool tile repair and replacement
  2. Pool Slides and accessories
  3. Custom Pool Lights
  4. Booster Pool Pumps
  5. Variable Speed Pumps
  6. Electrical Repairs
Pool Inspector Service in all Contra Costa County.

We offer a comprehensive pool inspection service in Walnut Creek and the surrounding Contra Costa area. Nobody can beat our super low pool inspection prices for what we offer. I guarantee you we can save you as much as 30% on your next pool inspection. You will receive a very detailed report showing exactly the conditions of your pool so rest assured you have 20 years of experience on your side.

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